Thank You All For the Support!

The campaign is in full swing, and we have been gaining momentum here in Huntsville! We had a great time at our First Annual Family Fun Day at Calvary a few weekends ago, and we want to thank everyone who came out and participated in the heat! Thank you so much to everyone who has shown us support over that last weeks and months. We also encourage everyone to take a look at our new website,, where we have campaign t-shirts available for purchase. We also would appreciate everyone’s support who is able to donate. If you can give just $40, we can make a very strong push throughout July to get the word out about what Devyn Keith can do for Huntsville’s District 1.

Thank you and God Bless,


The Committee to Elect Devyn Keith

Danielle Ewing: What Devyn's Campaign Means to Me

I was born and raised in North Huntsville, an are that I absolutely love. Growing up in the city, I have seen many areas where it was lacking and behind. I went away for school, then I came back home. Since being back at home, I still see the same problems in the city.

I first met Devyn at one of his events that he was hosting, and immediately I was drawn in with his ideas for District 1. When I hear his platform, I know these are fresh and new ideas that the district needs to consider.

Devyn has so many great changes and ideas for North Huntsville. From where I sit, North Huntsville has been stagnant for a very long time. We keep having the same problems, people are talking but not working. It’s time to grow North Huntsville to its fullest potential, and Devyn is the right person to fulfill the change that the city needs!

My Platforms: Uptown Huntsville Development

“Mixed-use development” can be a very ambiguous term. At its root it just means a single real estate development that incorporates several different uses (retail, office, hotel, residential, etc.) But it implies that those uses are designed to work together and complement each other. 
The Committee to Elect Devyn Keith would like to give you our proposal of a Mix-Use development that would anchor North Parkway and be an impetus of growth for North Huntsville. When done correctly, mixed-use development offers great benefits:

For the developer, risk can be offset,  so if the office market tanks while you’re under construction (for example), well, you can lease the retail and operate the food market (Publix) project level.

To reduce risk as well as entice the developers, I would support use of the TIF program and would like to improve or expand it to cover additional areas of the city (North Huntsville), based upon need, progress towards existing goals, and feasibility given tax revenue projections. That being said, any expansion or alteration to TIF programs should be carefully studied before implementation (extensive needs assessment) so that tax revenues are not wasted on unsustainable projects (e.g. building boutique shopping venues in areas with no demand for such goods). The city has seen success with TIFs, so I feel the planning potential is there. Wherever possible, TIF opportunities should focus on bringing more opportunity into areas (e.g. providing stable and high-paying jobs to areas that have stagnated) and creating a stable base for more growth.

This will benefit all residents and businesses, as it will create jobs and increase aggregate demand for consumer goods (e.g. construction creates jobs, which gives workers enough income to eat at restaurants, which increases profits and tax revenues).Strategic incentive programs should take a long view and prioritize sustained growth over short-term gains. This will prevent waste and the subsidy of projects that create unacceptable risk to taxpayer revenue (this is the problem that ha derailed TIFs in CA and several other jurisdictions).

First Annual "Family Fun Day" at Calvary Hills, Saturday June, 25th.

First Annual Family Fun Day, at Calvary Hills

The Committee to Elect Devyn Keith presents the first annual “Family Fun Day”, being held at Calvary Hills Saturday, June 25th, 2016. There will be free food, games, and door prizes for all in attendance. During the event District 1 city council representative candidate Devyn Keith will outline his key platforms and unveil a new development proposal for North Huntsville.

“The Northwood community is one of Huntsville’s most stigmatized and overlooked areas” says G.W. Boon, Devyn Keith’s campaign manager. “What we’re hoping to accomplish is two-fold: we want to demonstrate that there is untapped human potential in this community, and that we have a plan to develop that potential.”

There will be special performances by a local drumline and dance team. Speakers for the event include community activist Judy Scales and special field advisor Dexter Strong.