First Annual "Family Fun Day" at Calvary Hills, Saturday June, 25th.

First Annual Family Fun Day, at Calvary Hills

The Committee to Elect Devyn Keith presents the first annual “Family Fun Day”, being held at Calvary Hills Saturday, June 25th, 2016. There will be free food, games, and door prizes for all in attendance. During the event District 1 city council representative candidate Devyn Keith will outline his key platforms and unveil a new development proposal for North Huntsville.

“The Northwood community is one of Huntsville’s most stigmatized and overlooked areas” says G.W. Boon, Devyn Keith’s campaign manager. “What we’re hoping to accomplish is two-fold: we want to demonstrate that there is untapped human potential in this community, and that we have a plan to develop that potential.”

There will be special performances by a local drumline and dance team. Speakers for the event include community activist Judy Scales and special field advisor Dexter Strong.