Danielle Ewing: What Devyn's Campaign Means to Me.

I was born and raised in North Huntsville, an are that I absolutely love. Growing up in the city, I have seen many areas where it was lacking and behind. I went away for school, then I came back home. Since being back at home, I still see the same problems in the city.

I first met Devyn at one of his events that he was hosting, and immediately I was drawn in with his ideas for District 1. When I hear his platform, I know these are fresh and new ideas that the district needs to consider.

Devyn has so many great changes and ideas for North Huntsville. From where I sit, North Huntsville has been stagnant for a very long time. We keep having the same problems, people are talking but not working. It’s time to grow North Huntsville to its fullest potential, and Devyn is the right person to fulfill the change that the city needs!